Hibiscus Coast Midwives is a team of local experienced Independent Midwives providing continuous care for women throughout their Pregnancy and the Postnatal Period.

All care is Free to most women residing in New Zealand. Care is provided to women on the Hibiscus Coast and surrounding areas.

Our Midwives cater to all needs from Primary Birth Options for low risk women with low risk pregnancies including Home Births, Births at Warkworth Birthing Unit and Midwifery lead rooms at North Shore Hospital.

If Secondary Care is required for higher risk or complicated pregnancies, the team works closely with the Obstetricians at North Shore Hospital.  If an Elective Caesarean is needed the Midwives provide care and support for these women also.

Women can self refer early in pregnancy and free pregnancy tests are available from our clinic.

During the initial consultation your Midwife will discuss options for pregnancy care for women and their family‚Äôs while guiding them to negotiate the sometimes challenging and unpredictable journey into parenthood.  The Midwives role is to empower women with knowledge reducing fear of the unknown and encouraging them to believe in themselves and the normality of childbirth.

Your Midwife will order necessary tests and screening from early in pregnancy and prescribe Ministry of Health recommended nutritional supplements ie. folic acid, iodine and iron as required for your own individual needs. Each women will be provided with written information relating to pregnancy.  All women will keep a copy of their Antenatal records.

A portable pool is available free of charge for Labour and Birth at home.