Nina Luiten

Ph: 021 063 2941

Hi my name is Nina Luiten, I live locally on the Coast with my family and our dog. Family is very important, I am grateful for my two beautiful children aged 11 and 6 with my husband Brad. I love to spend time with my family and in particular we participate in running events as a family. We are very active and love the beautiful beaches that surrounds us. I enjoy travelling, exploring and spending time with family and friends. 

My own maternity experiences have paved my pathway to becoming a midwife. I have a passion for caring for women and their babies during this uniquely special time. I am constantly amazed at how woman evolve and display an inner strength to enable the birth of such beautiful little beings. It is a privilege to be apart of each woman’s experience.

  I practice in partnership with you the woman, my amazing midwifery colleagues, and if required in consultation with a specialist. I use evidence based practice to inform my decisions and work to continually update my knowledge. This is your pregnancy, I provide the information for you to make an informed choice and involve you in all aspects of care. I promote normal birth and take a small case load to enable a high quality of individualised care for each woman.